Reebok Nano Pump Fusion Review

Reebok Nano Pump Fusion ReviewJust when you thought Reebok was done releasing even more versions of the Nano shoe, they came
up with another creation: The Nano Fusion Pump.

Back in the day (in 1989, when things were still called hip) Reebok released the first shoe that had an internal inflating mechanism, to provide a more fitted shoe, mostly around the ankle area.

It was a gadgety thing back then, more popular for it's novelty aspect than for actually being functional (it was mostly worn by high school kids in my day)

So when the Nan Fusion Pump came out, I had to laugh a little. But then again, I never had any Reebok Pumps when I was young, so maybe it was a bit of envy as well. Luckily, through my work, I was given a pair, and thought it would be good to post a review on them.

First things first

Like I said, I got them as a gift, but if you're looking to buy a pair, better bring a fat wallet. They currently go for $149.99 a pair, which sounds a bit overpriced to me.

Reebok Nano Pump Fusion Review

The shoe

The bottom of the shoe is pretty much the same as any Nano, it has the RopePro section for rope climbs, same heeldrop (5 mm)
The top however, is very different, since it's made out of 1 piece material, so you have a slip your foot into it, almost like a booty.
The material is made from the same Kevlar as the Nano 5.0, making the shoe very durable.

The fitting

For me, that's where the trouble came, because putting this shoe on my feet was a bit of a challenge.
Granted, the shoe was actually half a size smaller than what I usually wear, but Reebok Nanos run a bit bigger in general.
When I first tried to put it on, I was actually convinced I could NEVER get my foot in.

Reebok Nano Pump Fusion Review
The instept doesn't really stretch, so I really had to use some force, and thankfully they placed a loop on the back of the heel to help you pull your foot in.

The instep of my feet is very high, and the material was wrapped really tight around the top of my foot.

But in general the shoe feels very light and comfortable, almost like wearing slippers that you can run, snatch and back squat in.

I ended up taking the insole out and with thinner socks, the shoe fits me a lot better.

The Pump system is situated around the ankle, and indeed does provide support, but I honestly don't think it helped me very much, probably because the shoe already fit quite tight.

Reebok Nano Pump Fusion Review

  • Very light material and very durable
  • More fitting (wraps more around your feet)
  • Difficult to put on, especially if you have a high instep.
  • Pump doesn't really serve a purpose, unless you want the shoe to fit even more thight.
  • Price.

If you are already very happy with your Nano 5.0's, I don't see the point in spending $149 for a shoe that basically does the same but has a funky air pump system.

But if you are looking to buy your first pair of Nanos, and you have narrow feet, this shoe might provide the best fit for you.

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