Why you shouldn't switch from Fitbit Charge HR to Charge 2

First off, let me tell you that I absolutely love my FitBit. However, currently I'm not quite able to tell you which one. Let me explain.

My first ever FitBit was the Flex, and after wearing it for a while, I wanted to get an even more complete picture of my daily energy expenditure and decided to switch to the Charge HR.

The Charge HR has the added advantage that it measures your heart rate and you didn't have to notify it when you would go to bed. The automated features worked fantastic, with the added bonus that you would get notified with vibrations when someone was calling you.

Those vibrations came even more in handy with the option of setting your alarm this way. Set your time and you would be woken up without waking up your partner, or, being woken up unnecessarily when your partner had to get up.
I use this feature a lot, since being a CrossFit coach means waking up in the wee hours of the morning to start classes.

This is where the issue starts, more on that later.

After wearing my Charge HR 24/7 for almost 2 years, I was interested to see if there was an option to upgrade a little and I chose the Charge 2.

The differences

Between the Charge HR and Charge 2, there are a few differences:

1) Design. The look of the Charge 2 is different, with a bigger display that shows more info. The sizes are virtually the same.

2) The Charge 2 offers multi-sport tracking, similar to the Blaze. From what it seems to me, the tracking is also more accurate (calories burned)

3) The smartphone notifications in the Charge 2 also include calendar alerts, text messaging (not Whatsapp)

4) GPS tracking is added into the Charge 2, allowing you to track distances with for example running, walking, etc.

So, this all sounds great you'll say, what's the problem?

The vibration mode.

It's vibration strength has been waaay reduced, so when I wore it the first night, I seriously overslept the next morning, luckily being woken up by the alarm of my partner. Who has the same Charge 2, and reported oversleeping several times on a business trip earlier that week.

For some reason, FitBit decided to, and I quote:

"we wanted to create a more smoother experience when you're using your alarm to wake up since, not many need that strong vibration to wake up we reduce the strength of it"

Let's see a comparison between the 2:

The FitBit Charge HR vibrates in such a way, it Harlem shuffles along on the desk, while the Charge 2 is trying to wake you up by clearing it's throat a few times.
Unless you are a very light sleeper, it will not wake you up, trust me.

And apparently, I wasn't alone in this, on the FitBit Community page, there are dozens of comments of users that are dealing with the same problem.


If you are using FitBit purely for it's calorie counting and other activity measuring properties, the Charge 2 is a nice little step-up from the Charge HR.

However, if you'd like to be on time for work every day, I'd stick to the Charge HR if I were you.


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