And this year's Product Winner is....

Whey More NutsWe've tried and tested a lot of products this year, most were reviewed on the site, some not.
But our absolute winner of 2014 is Whey More Nuts by GoNutrition

The protein fortified nut butters have conquered the market in 2014, with several new brands popping up and many companies bringing out their own version of the product.

Whey More Nuts hits the mark in every department:

- smooth & spreadable
- high in protein per serving (15 grams of protein per 30 grams serving)
- low in sugars
- great taste

One of the best qualities of Whey More Nuts are the ingredients.
The list is short & understandable and we are big fans of that. One thing that stands out, is that they use a sweetener called xylitol, an underused ingredient in the sports supplement industry (we think) since it has a very low glycemic index of about 7, no nasty aftertaste and it's actually good for your teeth.

Another excellent quality, is that the peanut butters are actually spreadable and have a nice smooth texture.

With some protein nut butters, it tastes as if a bag of whey was dumped into a bucket of peanut butter, making it a dry texture and impossible to spread without ripping up your sandwich.

To Conclude

We give Whey More Nuts a big thumbs up and even though the product concepts isn't new, this protein peanut butter still manages to stand out, that's why they are the winner in the 2014 Supplement Review by Bruises and Calluses!

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