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The problem with some protein products, is that they try to mimic the real thing, but the result doesn't even come close.
For example, you sink your teeth into a chocolate caramel protein bar, expecting a Mars experience, and all you get is chewy, dry, after-taste disappointment.

Most often, it can be related back to a few factors:

- texture (often dry & hard)
- type of sweetener
- after-taste (usually because of the sweetener)

So it's really the trick not to expect anything, and then be surprised afterwards. In this case, that happened with the Chocolate Protein Balls by MyProtein.

So, what are these balls all about?
They are a chocolate snack, based on soy protein isolate, and come in bags of 35 grams.
Each bag provides 15 grams of protein and total 158 calories. The total macros:

What are the ingredients?
Check it out below:

In all honesty, we're not big fans of soy based products, but as a snack this will do every now and then.

Maltesers macros
What does it taste like?
The chocolate is a nice milk chocolate, that is pleasant and takes care of the chocolate fix.
The balls are very crunchy and resemble (here it comes!) Maltesers, of course not completely like the real thing, but it hits the mark pretty well!

Personally, we think this can actually substitute them easily, especially because of the low sugar, high protein bonus.

On top of that, Maltesers contain wheat, and the Chocolate Protein Balls are gluten free.

Great as a snack, or a topping on a dessert!

Where to buy?
They are sold in boxes with 10 packets each, at MyProtein

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