Top 10 gifts for a Crossfitter - 2015 Season

It's back again! The 2015 gift guide for CrossFitters!
Like previous years, we've got the latest gifts and gadgets lined up for you that would make any CrossFitter very happy.

Some of these gift ideas made their debut this year and some item we actually use ourselves! (marked with *)

wodLIFTS - $39.95 *

You might have also seen our review on the wodLIFTS recently, and these heel raises that you can insert in any CrossFit shoe, are the perfect gift for the crossfitter that travels a lot or the crossfitter that is looking for that solution  in between regular shoes and OLY shoes.

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Peg Board - $175
Everyone was freaking out about how hard it was for the athetes at the Games to complete the peg board, but now that the dust has settled, you see the peg board pop up at various boxes and being implemented in daily WODs.

Healbe - Learn More!Healbe Gobe - $299.99

The future is in wearables and the Healbe Gobe is the first wearable that actually measures your caloric intake automatically!
It also measures your calorie expenditure, hydration and various other important variables for the most accurate results.

Fuel Shaker - $14.99 *

This super handy shaker with a separate compartment for powders for mixing pre- or post-workout comes in various colors.

The mixing compartments are also sold individually for easy prepping beforehand.
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A7 Fitness Bar Grip Shirt - $27.95 *

The guys at A7 Fitness came up with this amazing idea for a shirts that has a grip section on the uppr back, so the bar stay in place while doing back squats. No more chalk needed!

Six Pack Meal Bag - from $69.99

The best way to keep your meals cool and fresh when you are at work on on the road!

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Perchmount - $19.99 *

A great tool when you are recording your barpath for example and you hate hasseling with your phone, trying to get it in the right angle or in the right spot. The perchmount is basically a flexible clip you can click you phone in, and it has a strong magnet on the base, so it will stick anywhere.

Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager - $23.26 *

Recover faster and better with electronic pulse massaging, the Prospera has various pre-programmed options for specific areas, or you can set your own. A personal favorite!

MobiWOD Flossbands - $29.97 *

More recovery tools! For increased blood circulation, Kelly Starrett has shown us flossing is a great way for recovery and decompression, so flossbands are a must in every crossfitters gymbag.

Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd edition - $34.18

Speaking of, why don't you also get the 2nd edition of Supple Leopard?
This edition is expanded and updated with 80 pages of new information!

Some nice stocking fillers:

Sore No More Warm Therapy - $11.25
Liquid Chalk - $14.99
Goat Tape - $8.99

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