Broken collarbone, week 1

You know that song, by Mister Mister? Well, it's been playing in my head now for a few days. Luckily
(under the circumstances) I just have 1 broken wing, but let me tell you, it's not fun.

Last week I was fully into the first week of the Smolov Jr. program, this week my physical activity has dropped to a complete minimum. What happened?
Well, during a fundraising WOD, the warm-up included some handstand walk practice, and I somehow considered myself being an expert.

Lesson learned: take things slow, practice and ask for help. Don't think you're invincible, because it will bite you in the a$$.
Long story short: I lost my balance, fell on my face, went to the hospital and my right clavicle was broken.

If you're an active, passionate crossfitter, training 5+ days a week, you can understand that this was NOT a pleasant moment.
Your freedom of movement gets reduced to a bare minimum, and there is nothing else to do but rest and take it easy.
But since I'm a person that thinks in solutions and loves problem solving, I saw this as a challenge; what can I do to recover as fast and good as possible? What are the do's and don'ts in bone healing?

What not to do (some examples)
1) Alcohol
Alcohol consumption can reduce your body's ability to form osteoblasts and it hinders the trigger for bone formation.

2) Smoking
Smoking obstructs the bloodflow, something your body needs desperately to create new bone mass.

3) Caffeine
Caffeine causes your body to extract more calcium through your urine, and you need this calcium badly.

Although I will miss my coffee in the morning, these things don't worry me too much at all.

What can you do?
Besides stating the obvious (rest, proper diet, etc.) I wanted to explore a few specific things I came across, that hopefully will help speed up the healing process as well.

1) Cissus Quadrangularis
This is an awesome herb, that has helped me a lot already with my joint pain, but it also helps really well with healing fractures. Dosage: 3x daily at 1600mg .

2) Comfrey
Also known as symphytum officinale, this herb is known for it's healing properties. It's applied for bruises, joint inflammation, arthritis & fractures.
In my case, I got an ointment sent in, that I will apply multiple times a day on the collarbone.

3) Protein (Whey & Casein)
Protein helps to build, period. Half of your bones are made of protein, so eating enough protein is very important. I will make sure I get enough protein each day, preferably 100+ grams.
There are studies that have shown that protein intake promotes bone repair.

4) Hyaluronic Acid
This is found everywhere in your body, mostly in the connective tissue. The highest concentrations of HA are found in the eyes and joints.
Studies have shown that HA plays a big role in the regeneration of bone mass.
Dosage: 3x daily at 200mg.

Please note: I will consult my physician during my recovery time, have regular check-ups scheduled and will consult a physiotherapist as well as soon as this is allowed. For advice on medical issues, or using any products discussed on this website you should always consult your medical practitioner. 

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